Most people on the internet know me as Admiral Keth. I built and ran a highly successful Combat Mission scenario fansite and database for several years.

I have been homebrewing since December of 1994. At first, the sessions were infrequent and the batches were of average quality.  I used pre-hopped LME kits from Larry's Brewing Supply, and for the moment they were adequate.

At some point around 1996 the elevated cost of ordering and receiving supplies from Washington state became prohibitive, and I searched for a local source of kits. This is when I found Shrine of the Brew God (Keith Hinkle, prop.).  Keith was amazingly friendly and helpful. It was through his tutelage that I began to discover better ways of brewing.  Within his modest shop, he had a large number of kits based on his own recipes. They contained everything I needed to step up from canned kits to Dry Malt Extract (DME), steeped grains, and fresh hops.  What's more, they were very easy to make.  Due to the easy to follow instructions, I immediately noticed an increase in flavor, color, and aroma that had not been there before.

Many, many more kits followed, and I explored the wide variety of available kits. Alas, it was not to continue.  Keith acquired acute Diabetic Necrosis and passed away.  However, his influence and passion for brewing lives on in each of us whom he taught.

However, Keith's untimely passing was to be the impetus for my foray into all-grain brewing.  Now without a local source of kits, I decided to begin building my system. During the 14 months that it took to find, purchase, engineer, build, and test my system, I heavily relied upon Steinfillers in Long Beach to temporarily fill the gap with ingredients. Fortunately, I had requested and received all of Keith's recipes, as well as I had kept every scrap of paper that I had ever acquired from his kits.  Thus, I had a good basis for a lengthy brewing hobby.

Now with the Dragon's Lair Brewery built, and continually being improved, Keith's inspiration and recipes live on through my bi-weekly brewing sessions.

The Dragon's Lair Brewery is so named due to my penchant for collecting all things draconic.

The names of my beers are named due to my enthusiasm for World War II.

Obviously there is a bit of a disconnect between the name of the site and the names of the beers that will become corrected at some point in time.  At the moment, I'd rather concentrate on perfecting the craft.