Welcome to the Dragon's Lair Brewery.

Click on the Recipes link to discover unique and delicious ale and lager recipes. 25 different recipes are detailed; ingredients, adjuncts, and processes are organized for your brewing pleasure. Also, all of the recipes are available as all-grain or extract versions.  ProMash recipe files can be downloaded.

Click on the Brewery link to examine my personal brewery, a 20 gallon stainless steel, digitally controlled, 3 tier, all-grain brewing system.

The Brew Log link will take you to a history of the recipes I have brewed. Future entries will contain session and tasting notes.

The Book Review link will display a table of books within my library that I own.  The table includes title, author, a brief description, and my personal rating system for each book. I hope this proves useful to those of you who are deciding which books to buy.