I have had numerous barleywines over the years, all of which were unbalanced, abusive, or unimpressive. Old P-51 Barleywine is designed to not destroy your palate.

Vanilla, oak, and alcohol are the centerpieces of Old P-51 Barleywine. Dark brown with ruby highlights, Old P-51 Barleywine pours with a tan head. Malt and hops dance in a fine balance that is present, but unobtrusive to the main flavors.

Old P-51 Barleywine should be aged at cellar temperatures for at least one year, giving the complex flavors and aromas time to properly meld.

Old P-51 Barleywine should be consumed slightly chilled; to enjoy the maximum aroma and flavor, serve around 50F to 60F.

Old P-51 Barleywine is best served as an after dinner drink, a la, cognac and cigars.

Old P-51 Barleywine is a tribute to the revered North American P-51 fighter aircraft.